1. Pink Well Challenge Finalist Profile: Ribbon of Hope Foundation


    Our mission is to be a financial, informational, and emotional resource for individuals with breast cancer in Northeast Wisconsin.  Our all-volunteer organization, including seven board members and dozens of dedicated friends, focuses on three major activities: (1) working with area medical professionals to identify individuals diagnosed with breast cancer who might need our resources; (2) raising funds to support those breast cancer patients; and, (3) distributing funds in the form of grants for day to day living and treatment-related expenses.  Our Request Committee maintains the efficiency and integrity of the grant request process and offers all forms of support compassionately, efficiently, and confidentially.

    We at Ribbon of Hope are most proud of our longstanding contributions to the well-being of breast cancer patients and their families in Northeast Wisconsin.   In 2012, we will celebrate our 10th anniversary as an all-volunteer, fiscally responsible foundation that distributes (to patients) 97 cents of every dollar we raise. We anticipate giving our $1,000,000th  in assistance sometime in mid-2012!  In addition, we have offered emotional and informational support to hundreds of area patients and their families—even those who did not request financial support.

    Until breast cancer is eradicated, patients and their families will continue to need the kinds of financial, emotional, and informational resources provided by ROH.  If our luck and our blessings continue, we hope to be singing, “The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades” long enough to meet those needs.  Our commitment to our longevity requires us to plan for the future; such plans include increasing funds available to each recipient, creating a Young Women’s Advisory Council to prepare younger women for breast cancer advocacy and leadership roles in ROH, and growing our volunteer and fund-raising base.

    The Pink Well funds will support the sustainability of our organization, and ultimately our ability to honor our mission and carry forward a message of hope – both financial and emotional – to all current and future breast cancer patients and their families in Northeast Wisconsin. The Pink Well funds will also allow ROH to engage in a much-needed expansion of a very special holiday gift program (Kathy’s Hope), an extra monetary grant given to the most financially desperate breast cancer patients.

    Our success stories are best reflected in the many thank-you notes we receive from recipients, and the “keep up the good work” notes that often accompany donations from individuals and organizations. The spirit of these notes is represented in this one:

    “I am writing to humbly thank you for the generous gift in last week’s mail. After all you have done to help me recover financially, and to build me up spiritually and emotionally, still you find ways to continue to give hope and encouragement, and yes, even JOY!  If it is true (and I know it is) that through giving we receive, then the members of ROH are surely ‘spiritual millionaires!’ God Bless you.