1. Pink Well Challenge Finalist Profile: Pink Ribbon Riders®


    The Pink Ribbon Riders (PRR) is a volunteer based organization that provides direct financial assistance to both men and women diagnosed with breast cancer. $500.00 gifts are given to offset medical bills, gas money or any financials during the patients’ battle.  Pink Ribbon Riders has accomplished the goal of helping others through direct support of the volunteers and events that fund raise for the mission.

    The PRR organization ran on 100% volunteer support with no prior funding for the first two years of its creation as a nonprofit organization and continues to run today with 98% volunteer support.  To this day, all patients that have applied from the 6 states that we support and meet our guidelines have received our support.  Not only has PRR supported these patients, PRR has supported the start up of many other successful small grass roots programs.

    The PRR looks to a future of possibly helping more than just breast cancer patients with the direct financial assistance program and the hopes that other cancer related patients could be helped. Research is so important but if Pink Ribbon Riders could look to a future of helping more breast cancer patients and possibly other cancer patients with $500.00 gifts or increased giving amounts that would be an amazing future.

    Pink Ribbon Riders would utilize the funds of the Pink Well grant to create and  increase the abilities in the current Pink Ribbon Riders Assistance Program. And create an infrastructure that would provide a strong future for the assistance of patients for many years to come for the organization as a whole. That is why the Pink Well Grant is important as it would only create more opportunities for the mission and effort of people helping people at PRR.

    Our success story is every Pink Ribbon Rider recipient.  PRR receives many letters and verbal thanks.  The following are some of our most common and repeated recipient comments:

    "I knew my family and friends would be there for me, though just how much so was amazing, but more amazing still is the kindness of strangers.  What you do is extraordinary. I will be forever grateful."  Laura Degenhart-Averill Park, NY

    "We have not found another organization like yours that really helps the person with day to day needs."  Shelly Casper-Waldham

    "I will pay it forward." Elizabeth Haas- Beck