1. Pink Well Challenge Finalist Profile: Cancer Support Community Redondo Beach


    The mission of Cancer Support Community Redondo Beach is to ensure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action and sustained by community.  We offer more than 140 programs every month completely free of charge to the cancer patient and their loved ones.  These programs include 11 professionally led support groups, 10 monthly networking groups, stress reduction and mind body activities including yoga, Reiki, visualization and relaxation, a walking group taught by a Pilates instructor, nutrition lunches and lectures, physician presentations and educational workshops.  We teach people to reclaim their life after diagnosis.

    We hear from our participants that we’ve saved their lives. The goal of our cancer programs is to provide the educational and psychological support that will assist women as they deal with the multiplicity of stressors as they make treatment decisions and go through the phases of treatment. Our ability to provide long-term, ongoing support and offering hope and life-changing tools for breast cancer patients is truly unique.  Cancer Support Community’s philosophy is based on research, which indicates that long-term, unremitting and unpleasant emotions may weaken the power of the immune system, the body’s first line of defense against cancer.

    Our goal is to further our mission of support, education and hope for more cancer patients and their loved ones by expanding the services offered to our breast cancer patients.  Our objective will be to continue to provide the necessary tools to enhance the immune system through the many programs we offer.

    For the past 25 years, Cancer Support Community - Redondo Beach has continued to seek new avenues to expand our programs. In 2012, we have expanded our space to provide more gentle exercise groups, larger workshops, nutrition lectures and lunches, as well as our children’s programs. We have just signed a lease for new space in our building, allowing us to build out space to house this expansion.  Over the past few years, we have seen more and more women wanting to exercise throughout their treatment, and we are ready to help them do just that.

    ¨Amidst all of my trauma and bad news in a life I no longer recognized, I found Cancer Support Community – Redondo Beach.  They became a beam of support in a life that was crumbling as I tried to comprehend my prognosis – the possibility that I might not be around to raise my precious children  I realized that I was not alone – I felt connected to a community that wants to help me and my family. Even though I still have surgeries, tests and years of medication ahead – I know that I can see through this storm; I can face it.¨

    Jennifer Robinson