1. Pink Well Challenge Finalist Profile: Skaggs Regional Medical Center/ Skaggs Foundation


    Our mission at Skaggs is to improve your life through medical, health and wellness services and our vision is a community of well people.  We accomplish this by continuously assessing the healthcare needs of our community to ensure that needed services are available and by providing free community health screenings to promote wellness initiatives.

    The growth in our community is largely fueled by retirees. Branson is a highly visited tourist destination and retirement community. Our aging population expects specialty services such as comprehensive cardiac and cancer treatment to be available. In 2002, we opened Branson Heart Center to provide diagnostic testing, surgical services and cardiac rehab. In 2007, Skaggs Cancer Center opened to provide radiation therapy locally. Being able to provide these specialty services and keeping care local, is our greatest accomplishment.

    Skaggs Regional Medical Center will continue to strive to meet organizational objectives including being an employer of choice, providing quality patient care, becoming a leader in patient satisfaction, achieving financial success and achieving regional referral status.

    Pink Well funds will be used to implement our new Health and Hope Program which aims to ensure access to breast care for all women living in Stone and Taney counties. Funding will be used to provide gas for the Health pink taxi that will transport patients to and from the hospital for mammograms, a Patient Coach will be hired to work with women in need of a mammogram and newly diagnosed breast cancer patients to help them navigate their medical care, and funding will also provide financial assistance to underwrite the cost of mammograms or other diagnostic tests if needed.

    Jean Schever knew she was higher risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer; her mother and sister had it. She took control of her life by scheduling yearly mammograms. She says, “I had no idea Skaggs provided digital mammograms to every mammography patient. I’m glad though, otherwise the type of cancer I have would have gone undetected.” Jean brags about the short drive to treatment and the dedication of Skaggs’ staff. Jean’s battle has just begun, but knowing she caught her cancer in its early stages and that she’s able to begin treatment so close to home, gives her strength.