1. Pink Well Challenge Finalist Profile: Pink Ribbon Girls of Dayton


    Pink Ribbon Girls of Dayton is a 501(c)(3) organization created by young women with breast cancer to support and empower other young women throughout all phases of the breast cancer journey. Our support programs - Simply Fight! and No Age No Stage provide free services such as healthy meals, transportation to treatment, housekeeping and childcare for women battling breast cancer. Our Love Your Girls program provides education for early detection through social and print media as well as outreach via various events in area middle and high schools, universities and the community at large.

    One of our greatest accomplishments is the unwavering support of our volunteers and community. In a short period of time, we have cultivated strong partnerships with doctors and local hospitals to meet the needs of women who are fighting the biggest battle of their lives. Everyone knows someone that has been affected by breast cancer. We are blessed to live in a great community where everyone pitches in and works hard towards combating this disease.

    Our hope for the future is that cancer will be a memory and there won’t be a need for organizations such as this. Until that time, Pink Ribbon Girls of Dayton plans to bridge the gap between the hope for a cure and the realities of women and their families going through the life-changing effects of a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.  As we grow, so will the number of women we can serve each year – expanding our organization to a national level. The more people we reach, the more passion we can ignite into making this disease a thing of the past.

    When a young woman is fighting for her life, everyday tasks can seem insurmountable. Many are faced with the choice of trying to rest and recover, or take care of their family. Until there is a cure, Pink Ribbon Girls of Dayton will provide stability and support to those fighting the disease. All Pink Well funds will be employed in this task through our three main programs – Simply Fight!; No Age No Stage; and Love Your Girls. Our vision is that no one travels this road alone.

    We hit the ground running with a big dream, great team, and the passion and perseverance to make this happen. Turning that dream into a viable organization in the running with the other Pink Well Challenge finalists is a huge win for our community. People in this area have been waiting for something to get behind in the fight against breast cancer and are coming out of the woodwork to support their neighbors, friends and family members through Pink Ribbon Girls of Dayton. We are humbled by the outpouring of support we have received and would be nowhere without each and every survivor and friend we have met along the way.