1. Pink Well Challenge Finalist Profile: Pink Door


    Pink Door Nonprofit Organization’s mission is to help women cancer survivors begin a new life after cancer. Many of the survivors Pink Door assists are single, divorced or widowed and struggling financially as a result of their battle.

    “My Pink Wish” grants survivors up to $5,000 in assistance with expenses such as rent, mortgage, and utility bills, as well as providing resources to help with home repairs, dental work or other necessities per their wish.  The “Women in Pink” Scholarship Fund grants scholarships to women survivors completing a baccalaureate or masters study at any accredited university in the United States.

    One of Pink Door’s greatest accomplishments has been the ability to financially help a cancer survivor in Fort Bend County, Texas by subsidizing her mortgage and utility bills while she was under-going a double mastectomy.  In her own words:  “Thank you for granting my wish.  This really will help me out financially and allow me to focus on getting better and less on how I am going to pay the bills.  This really means the world to me!  Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!”

    Pink Door is committed to growing and expanding “My Pink Wish” and the “Women In Pink” Scholarship Fund by 20 percent in order to help even more women cancer survivors year after year. 

    Pink Door strives to reach our growth through continued outreach to hospitals, fundraising, and community engagement, as well as expanding corporate and nonprofit partnerships with those that share in our mission to improve the lives of women cancer survivors.  Pink Door’s ultimate goal is to offer “My Pink Wish” to recipients at a national level, thus changing lives of women cancer survivors across the U.S.

    Pink Door values itself on the fact that we currently do not incur any executive administrative fees and that all proceeds from all fundraisers including Pink Well be directed to Pink Door’s programs including Pink Door’s “My Pink Wish” Assistance Program and Pink Door’s “Women In Pink” Scholarship Fund.  We are thrilled to be a special part of the Pink Well Challenge as the funds will directly make a positive impact in the lives of more women struggling after cancer!

    Pink Door has been fortunate to have many success stories. The women that Pink Door helps are able to become more confident in envisioning and living life after cancer.  It’s the honor of Pink Door’s sponsors, underwriters, volunteers and supporters to witness lives being transformed.  A cancer survivor from Harris County, Texas who received life coaching and a makeover through Pink Door said,  “I did not think that I truly needed life coaching, but when I began, I realized that it has changed my life due to Pink Door.” Pink Door takes pride in sharing in her success.