1. Pink Well Challenge Finalist Profile: METAvivor Research and Support Inc.


    Through sheer determination, dedication and a 24/7 effort, our all volunteer organization of mostly metastatic breast cancer (MBC) patients offers support, raises awareness and funds critical MBC research.  Support for MBC patients is rare.  We work hard to fill the gap.  Besides reaching out to a large number of local MBC patients, we help persons elsewhere establish their own support programs.  We raise awareness through the media, public speaking engagements, fundraisers, social media, conferences and other avenues.  We fund MBC research grants through fundraisers and donations.  Since 2010 we have awarded three MBC research grants.

    Support is extremely important to metastatic breast cancer (MBC) patients; however, there is one thing they desire even more than support ... extended lives with quality.  On average, MBC patients survive only two to three years following diagnosis, during which most are in continual treatment with debilitating side effects.  Despite this, only 2% of USA breast cancer research funds go toward MBC research to help the 30% of early stage breast cancer patients who metastasize -- not nearly enough.  METAvivor's greatest accomplishment has been its effort to counterbalance the research inequity by awarding three MBC research grants since 2010.

    Every year METAvivor increases its efforts in the areas of metastatic breast cancer (MBC) support, awareness and research. In October 2011, METAvivor launched its 30% for 30% Campaign. METAvivor advocates that since 30% of all breast cancer patients develop MBC, currently a fatal condition, then 30% of all breast cancer research funds and support activities should be devoted to MBC. Says METAvivor President CJ: "Achieving 30% for 30% would transition MBC to a true chronic disease, saving 41,000 American lives every year.  It is  hard to fathom that given this fact,  the research is  not  being funded."

    One hundred percent (100%) of all funds raised through the Pink Well Challenge will go directly into METAvivor's 2012 metastatic breast cancer (MBC) research grants.  Each year METAvivor funds research projects that have the potential to transition MBC from a terminal illness to a chronic condition.  We are able to do this by devoting every available penny toward this end.  As an organization run almost exclusively by volunteers with MBC, we have an unparalleled vested interest in maximizing our MBC research grants and encouraging others to likewise support us ... our very lives depend upon METAvivor's success.

    Member Avis wrote:  "After my breast cancer diagnosis, I volunteered for a well-known “pink” organization.  I chaired numerous events and won lots of awards.  After my diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer (MBC), my friends looked at me with pity, they knew what the diagnosis meant.  I needed positive energy.  I met some women with MBC, who were starting a support group.  I joined them and gave them my all.  METAvivor was born.  We have lost most of those original women, but we haven’t lost their spirit, their spunk, their dreams.  Now METAvivor lives on in their memory and in their honor!”