1. Pink Well Challenge Finalist Profile: A Man’s Pink


    Our mission is to increase male breast cancer (MBC) awareness to afford men diagnosed with breast cancer the same survival rate as for women.  Currently, our survival rate is almost 10% lower than that for women.  Many men are not aware BC is a disease that can affect them.  Because most men have very little breast tissue, MBC is generally more aggressive and more often than not, diagnosed at a later, more advanced stage in men.  Our goal is to increase awareness by publically speaking about MBC, and by establishing the third week of October as MBC awareness week globally.

    Our greatest accomplishments occurred in October 2011, when resolutions introduced by Representatives Robert Schenck and Thomas Murt were adopted by the Florida and Pennsylvania House of Representatives, declaring October 17 to 23  2011 as MBC awareness week in their respective states.  In December 2011, a similar resolution was introduced by Woodstock Ontario MPP Ernie Hardeman to the Ontario Legislature in the Province of Ontario, Canada, for 2012.  A Man’s Pink was also recognized as one of the 30 finalists in The Pink Well Challenge. Also see Success Story below to learn how our website can affect MBC patients/survivors personally.

    Our future direction is to continue promoting MBC awareness through our website, public speaking, working with other MBC awareness organizations and continuing to bring individual states and provinces on board to establish the third week of October as MBC awareness week globally.  It is our goal to have 30 more states and two more provinces on board by October 2012.   In June 2012, we will continue to expand our video created for the Pink Well Challenge to include more MBC survivors, post the video on our website and make the MBC songs recorded for the video available to the public.

    Since our board is comprised entirely of volunteers, we have absolutely no administrative expenses.  All funds raised by A Man’s Pink will therefore go directly towards increasing MBC awareness.  This will include expenses involved in website design and operation,  public speaking engagements and media events to promote MBC awareness, as well as promotional items for distribution to promote our website and MBC awareness such as lapel pins, business cards, golf ball markers and bookmarks.

    An example of our success and effectiveness was received via our website on February 8 2011 from West Virginia resident Jeffrey Pearce, who shared, “Thank you!  Tomorrow  I  have  a  Diagnostic  mammogram  scheduled  to  check  for  cancer.  I am not as upset as I was before visiting your site.”  In a follow-up dated February 20, he stated, “I really appreciated the opportunity to look at your website and read the information there.  You and your daughters did a great job on your website.  I don’t believe that there is another website like yours on the internet.  If there is, I sure can’t find it”