1. Pink Well Challenge Finalist Profile: Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation


    The Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation’s mission is to create national and global awareness of the potentials of the Kanzius Noninvasive Radiowave Cancer Treatment and to raise funds to help accelerate the speed at which research progresses through human trials. Using traditional media, social media, and grassroots initiatives we engage individuals, corporations and foundations – our Faces of the Fight – to help tell the story of “a better way to treat cancer” that our founder, John Kanzius, envisioned using targeted nanoparticles and a radiowave generating device.  This innovative message of hope generates much needed funds to make research possible.

    Our greatest accomplishment took place in December 2010, in the Kanzius Labs at MD Anderson, Houston, where philanthropic funded research validated that the Kanzius Treatment is effective in KILLING human pancreatic cancer cells in small, non-human subjects.  Progress continues in January 2012 with completion and delivery of the new radiowave generating device – GenV – to our labs.  Once it is proven safe, effective and consistent…a formal request will be made to the FDA for the first human trial!  Additionally, the Kanzius Foundation funds research on seven other cancer cell groups, which include breast cancer.

    As we look to the future, funding and raising awareness continue to be our priorities.  We will continue to “Spread the Wave” and seek opportunities for national recognition.  We know that through creating awareness of this innovative cancer treatment we will find the critical funding needed to bring this project through human trials. 

    We will use all funds raised from this opportunity to make ongoing research possible.  Specifically, we would be able to provide critical funding needed for staff at our MD Anderson and UPMC research facilities, for laboratory equipment, supplies and testing subjects.  In 2012, it will take nearly $2.5 million to make this research possible.  Spreading these expenses over a 40-hour week for 52 weeks – an average minute will cost $20.  The $45,000 raised by our donors and the $45,000 matching gift from The Lester and Sue Smith Foundation will make nearly two weeks of research possible.

    Bottom-line, research takes money.  A person cannot donate to make our research possible if they do not know about us first.  In April 2010, the Kanzius Foundation, through a national social and traditional media campaign, won a $250,000 grant in the Pepsi Refresh Project.  Followers engaged their friends, who told their friends and a movement began to “Spread the Wave” across America.  This grant helped us secure a matching $250,000 donation from an anonymous supporter.  As a result, that wave continues as we “SPREAD THE WAVE” of hope that there is “a better way to treat cancer!”