1. Pink Well Challenge Finalist Profile: Every Woman Can


    The EVERY WOMAN CAN Foundation's mission is to reverse declining mammography numbers in our area by encouraging, empowering, and educating women about the importance of early detection.

    In 2010 The EVERY WOMAN CAN Foundation announced the recipients of its very first grant award. Priorities were given for breast health awareness with a focus on early detection related to underserved populations. The funds directly impacted nearly 30 women who may not have otherwise had access to screening mammograms.

    We will continue to find unique ways to empower, encourage, and educate women about the importance of a screening mammogram, while fundraising to help care for women who are underinsured.

    To help underinsured women pay for their screening mammogram. The money raised goes to nonprofit organizations that need assistance in serving underinsured women in the Greater Spokane area to receive screening mammograms.

    One of our many success stories...

    Name : Carol
    Age : 47
    Hobby/Profession : Marathon Runner (237 Marathons run/ Dental Assistant)
    Age of Diagnosis : 47

    How has breast cancer affected your life?
    It has made me appreciate every friend and person in my life!

    How did Inland Imaging, Physician, or other Medical Professional help you during that time of your life?
    They saved my life by finding my cancer in my mammogram! I owe my life to Dr Davis and Dr. Bailey for finding it early!!!!!

    What has life been like since you became cancer free?
    I am alive and I cannot wait to live the rest of my life! I am inspiring both runners and breast cancer survivors to live life!

    How did you stay motivated during your treatment?
    My friends were my support and I had the goal of running my 235th marathon just 9 weeks post-surgery, so that was my goal from the day of surgery, to be back running my comeback marathon in just nine weeks! I did it!

    What did you think when you heard that only ½ of Spokane women were having their annual screening mammogram?
    This has got to change, I will personally see that every woman can.