1. Pink Well Challenge Finalist Profile: Bikers Battling Breast Cancer, Inc


    Bikers Battling Breast Cancer, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that rallies the support of the motorcycle community to raise funds for local programs to support education, awareness and early detection, as well as provide Pink Kick-Starters™ to empower newly diagnosed breast cancer patients on their journey. Our mission has grown in the 7 years of our existence, as has the number of those who have rallied to support it.

    “Curves and Chrome” – A Weekend Rally for A Cure

    “Fight Like A Girl Ride”

    “Worship in Pink” 

    “Ridin’ For A Reason” – Real Horses and Steel Horses

    Our greatest accomplishment to date has been the ability to donate $25,000 from our 2011 signature fundraising event to a local breast health organization, which enables them to start a fund for additional diagnostic testing beyond the basic mammogram. There was previously no funding of its kind to provide life saving Stereotactic Breast Biopsies, Breast Ultrasounds, CT Scans, MRIs, and BRCA Genetic Testing. There are no words for the feeling of knowing that a patient’s path and journey could be forever changed with the ability to have a test or procedure funded by Bikers Battling Breast Cancer, Inc.

    Bikers Battling Breast Cancer was founded out of a desire to help the people in our local area. Motorcyclists like curves but we will never swerve in a direction that takes us away from that purpose.  We love real people and real hopes and dreams for a cure.  We will continue to grow as an organization, engaging more motorcyclists and people in the community to support our efforts to help local patients battling breast cancer through the Pink Kick-Starter Project, The Diagnostic Testing Fund in our local facility and any other appropriate forms of giving.

    The funds from Pink Well will be used to support the Pink Kick-Starter Project. Every year we strive to provide Pink Kick-Starter™ Kits to hundreds of women through our local hospitals and via individual requests from our website. The funds will help us continue to provide the newly diagnosed breast cancer patients with a kit that is of excellent quality to show the patient just how much she is loved and valued. We take great pride in providing these beautiful and invaluable tools for their journey.

    In 2005, Sandy Emmett was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had nowhere to turn for resources that would help her navigate that journey.  Thus the very first Pink Kick-Starter™ Kit was created especially for her. Bikers Battling Breast Cancer then stepped in and made the Pink Kick-Starter Project one of their registered programs and now provides hundreds of women just like Sandy with exactly what they need, a kit with tools to organize their appointments, medications, insurance issues, questions for their doctor, plus a journal and much more. Turning one person’s need into a positive outcome for others … Success!