1. Pink Well Challenge Finalist Profile: All About Pink


    The mission of All About Pink is to ensure through information, outreach, empowerment and support that women will not face breast cancer alone.  All About Pink is committed to educating women about breast health, early detection and prevention while enhancing each survivor’s quality of life.

    All About Pink provides:

    - Welcome Baskets to identified woman;

    - Transportation to treatment;

    - Catered dinners following surgery;

    - Thanksgiving Food and Christmas Toy Drives during holidays;

    - Support Group meetings to share/receive information;

    - Financial Stipends to women having financial needs; 

    - Spa Days to offer beauty make-overs during treatment; and

    - Health Fairs to assist with early detection and screening.

    Our most cherished accomplishment is the launching of our All About Pink Support Group.  We witnessed the loneliness and isolation many feel when they are going through breast cancer can be helped, if not erased through the support of others. Our support group meets on a regular basis to share concerns. It is a safe place for survivors to exchange ideas on handling difficult issues. This group is compiled of new survivor and long-term survivors. This allows for new survivor to gain knowledge from those who’ve been through the same journey. This group truly places meaning to our daily efforts.

    It’s the contention of All About Pink that our organization be instrumental in impacting any significant reduction in the incidents of breast cancer by providing outreach, support and education.

    Through research and needs assessment, we have identified the following future priorities:

    - Broaden our support to funding mammograms

    - Enhance our ability to refer women to breast cancer research

    - Expand our outreach efforts to reach more women

    - Provide for more women to have access to breast health education and screening

    - Provide additional college scholarships

    - Expand our financial stipend fund to assist women experiencing financial challenges.

    We will use Pink Well funds to expand All About Pink’s priorities. We aim to strengthen our organization and broaden our scope of services by adding two programs: Pink University and TransPink.

    Thirty-five percent of the grant will allow us to launched, Pink University. This initiative will focus on implementing innovative programs aimed at increasing awareness, education and screening on college campuses. Forty percent will allow us to launch, TransPink. This initiative will focus on providing transportation to Mammogram, radiation and chemo sessions. Twenty-five percent of the funds will go to broaden our current work in addressing breast cancer disparities.

    A 35 year old woman was referred to All About Pink. We share precious moments as we transported her to treatment, watched her get made-over during Spa Day, assisted her financially or just visiting her. To give back, she began selling tables to our Annual Gala.  One month before the gala, she took ill, but persisted in selling tickets. One week before, she passed away.  All her guests attended the gala and we had a sold out event. We name our latest scholarship in her honor. We’re amazed by all women we encounter but this time we had encountered an angel.