1. A Facebook message to Lester Smith...


    Here at Pink Well we wanted to share with our supporters a message from Paula Da Horta who posted on Lester H. Smith's You Gotta Dance Like No One's Watching Facebook Wall. It is one message of the many that Lester receives on a regular basis.  What's poignant about this particular message in particular is that it captures what Lester set out to do when he wote his book--he wanted to inspire others to "pay it forward." Thank you Paula for your kind and thoughtful words.

    Paula Da Horta posted on Lester H. Smith's You Gotta Dance Like No One's Watching's Wall
    "After seeing you on the Ellen show late last year, I was inspired to buy your book, which I just recently finished reading....And I have to say, (without inflating your ego too much haha) I think you are truly remarkable! If only there were more Lester H Smith's in this world! You're generosity, determination and drive is something that your Daddy would surely have been proud of. Thank you Lester for renewing my faith in the human race. I am far from being rich financially, but I like to think I am rich in life and heart and you have inspired me to "pay it forward" from my heart. Lester, may you continue to have good health, much happiness and great living. Thank you again for all the happiness you have given to others, and for inspiring. :)"
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